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Automatic Transmission Service

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Automatic Transmission Service, Jamie's Transmission Service | 0 comments

Jamie's Automatic Transmission ServiceJamie’s Transmission has everything you need for automatic transmission service. We have the skilled transmissions specialists, the manuals, the tools and – of course – the automatic transmission fluid.

Getting the transmission fluid changed about once a year can make your automatic transmission run more smoothly and last longer. The reason for this is that the transmission fluid lubricates the gear rings that allow shifting to take place. If the transmission becomes low on fluid, the gears grind together. Symptoms of a transmission that is low on fluid can include a grating noise when shifting, a burnt sugar odor, slipping out of gear or refusal to go into gear. None of these things will make a happy driver – especially if the gears stick together, causing the transmission to stop shifting at all. When this happens, the vehicle can come to a dead stop in the middle of rush hour traffic! We don’t need to explain how many ways this can turn out badly. Checking the transmission fluid is a comparatively inexpensive process, and it usually only needs to be done once a year. Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is in a sealed environment. If it is leaking, then a seal is broken or a bolt has come loose somewhere.

If it is time for your automatic transmission service, call Jamie’s Transmission at (425) 335-0220 to set up an appointment for your vehicle. It will thank you with better performance – and your transmission will last longer. It will not prevent all possible mechanical problems, but it will delay the need for major repairs to your transmission. Should that time arrive, we have the skills for that too.

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