Be an Environmental Friend with Transmission Leak Repair in Everett

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Jamie’s Transmission would like to show you how to be an environmental friend with transmission leak repair in Everett. Just bring your vehicle to us, and we will locate the leak and repair it. Repairing transmission leaks is an excellent service to the environment. Let us explain why.

Transmission fluid – that red colored liquid that keeps your transmission gears from grinding and having excess wear – is technically a hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluids, while exceptionally useful, are environmentally toxic. When spilled, they can leak into the groundwater system and thence into drinking water supplies. Puddled on driveways or mingled with rainwater, such fluids taste sweet to dogs or cats and are particularly deadly to felines. (They aren’t good for humans, either.) When your vehicle’s transmission is in good repair, that fluid stays where it belongs – inside your transmission, helping those gears and gear selectors do their job. Spotting a transmission leak isn’t difficult. If you suspect one, place a plastic tarp or even an old sheet under your vehicle when you park it for the night. If you have a red colored puddle or stain on the catch sheet the next morning, then you have a transmission fluid leak. Not only can leaking transmission fluid pose an environmental hazard, it will shorten the life of your transmission, as well.

Let Jamie’s Transmission help you to be an environmental friend with transmission leak repair in Everett, just call us at (360)568-0220 to learn more. We are part of your community, having been in business here more than twenty-five years. The things that affect your environment affects ours, as well. As has been often said, everyone lives downstream of someone, and upstream of someone.

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