Chevrolet GMC 700R4 Transmission Service & Sales

Chevrolet GMC 700R4 Transmission Service & Sales

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Jamie's Transmission 700R4 Sales and ServiceThe Chevrolet/GMC 700R4 transmission is a state of the art automatic hydra-matic transmission, first introduced in 1982 for Chevrolet/GMC vehicles. In a manner much alike the Chevrolet/GMC THM350 transmission, the tail shaft housing is held on the main chassis by four bolts and not a gasket, additionally it uses a square-cut O-ring seal for stability.

The outlet transmission fluid cooling lines are bottom right-side fitted, whereas the inlet return cooling lines are located on the upper part of the transmission. In addition, updating of internal components, oil pump housing of the ring gear after 1986 resulted in an optimized transmission channel that ended in the auxiliary valve body.

At Jamie’s Transmission, we offer our clients not only parts, but a wholesome and satisfactory experience too, which is evident from our past record of myriads of satisfied prospective clients. We can install your transmission, or you can purchase it directly from our location at a discounted rate.

  • Call us to purchase a Chevrolet GMC 700R4 Transmission today!
  • We sell clutches and converters too!
  • Repairs and Installation of all transmission components

Call our shop or fill our our online form for a quote today! Pricing may vary depending on options and specific transmission model required.

Our experienced staff is always ready to help you. For any queries pertaining the Chevrolet/GMC 700R4 transmission service & sales we offer, call us at (888)942-0220 any time.

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