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Do you need a transmission rebuild service in Everett? If so, Jamie’s Transmission is just the place for you. They are a transmission specialty shop, and keep up-to-date on all kinds of automotive transmission needs.

It is a heart stopping moment when you are driving up a hill and feel your vehicle slip out of the correct gear. It can cause loss of traction, or even leave you free-wheeling if it goes out of gear completely. While not as disastrous, it is certainly embarrassing if your transmission decides not to work when you are stopped at an intersection. You have cars piling up behind you, honking their horns, and possibly even rude drivers making inappropriate hand signals and shouting, until some good Samaritan helps you get your vehicle off the road. Once there, you have the added expense of getting a tow, and then you have to face the cost of repairs. Transmissions are a vital part of an automobile, and purchasing a new one can be very expensive. However, rebuilding your transmission is almost always a less expensive choice. It also has the advantage of keeping your original transmission in your vehicle – something that is often recommended. A rebuild can address a number of issues – ranging from replacing seals to putting in new gear parts. A skilled transmission rebuild specialist can save you a great deal of money when it comes to transmission repairs.

If you need a transmission rebuild service in Everett, be sure to call Jamie’s Transmission at (425)335-0220. They are a family owned business that focuses on servicing and repairing transmissions, although they do other repairs as a courtesy to their customers. You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and truly appreciate the quality of their repairs.

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