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Jamie’s Transmission can take care of your transmission rebuild service in Bothell. You can save money by getting a transmission rebuild instead of buying an all new transmission for your vehicle. Better yet, you are able to keep the original transmission in your vehicle – something that can be extremely important in some models.

A transmission rebuild can vary in cost, depending upon exactly what is wrong with the original transmission. It can be done for a manual transmission or for an automatic. The process involves first detaching the motor from the transmission, then removing it from the vehicle. Next, the vehicle is ideally placed on a rack to facilitate removing the transmission. With the transmission out of the vehicle, it can then be carefully examined to look for broken or worn parts. Especially common is wear or degradation of seals or similar pieces. However, metal parts can also exhibit wear – particularly the cogs and gear selectors in a manual transmission. All of the parts are cleaned and broken or worn parts replaced as the transmission is reassembled. It is then replaced in the vehicle, and the motor is returned. As a last step, all the motor and transmission are fastened back together and all of the auxiliary operations – such as your heating and cooling system – are reattached, as well. Finally, new transmission fluid, if your vehicle uses it, is put into the refurbished transmission.

Jamie’s Transmission has the trained personnel to take care of all of the steps in your transmission rebuild in Bothell. We won’t say that the process is dirt cheap, but it will usually cost less than replacing your transmission with a new one. If your transmission needs attention, give us a call at (425)335-0220 today to make an appointment.

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