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When it comes to transmission repairs, they can be incredibly complex. Not only can a leak incur damage to your transmission and your vehicle as a whole, but leaking fluid can be damaging to our environment as well.

Possible Causes of Transmission Leaks

In many cases, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact culprit on your own, which is why it is often best to utilize the professional services of a transmission leak repair specialist at Jamie’s Transmission. Regardless, there are a number of components of the transmission system that could fail which include:

  • Loose pan bolts
  • Unsecured drain plugs
  • Damaged transmission pan gasket
  • Faulty output seal
  • Defective torque converter component
  • Punctures or cracks in transmission fluid lines

What Transmission Leaks Do to the Environment

Although transmission leaks result in problems for your vehicle, they are also harmful to our environment by contaminating your surroundings, potentially harming rodents, insects, and larger animals including their source of water.

Transmission leaks need to be repaired immediately to avoid serious damage to your vehicle as well as the ecosystem. If you have noticed a red fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle, please contact Jamie’s Transmission Service for transmission leak repair in Mill Creek immediately at 888-942-0220.

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