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Jamie's Transmission Jamie’s Transmission has everything you need for transmission service. We have the tools, the equipment, and the trained mechanics who understand the needs of various makes and models of vehicles.

Not every vehicle has the same transmission fluid service requirements. In fact, some of the older transmission models used a type of grease rather than transmission fluid. The transmission fluid used in automatic and even some newer manual transmissions is a red-colored liquid that is classified as a hydraulic fluid. It cushions and lubricated the moving parts inside your transmission box. The sealed box keeps the fluid contained, preventing it from leaking out. Some models require little or no maintenance unless that box is breached, causing a leak. Other models need the transmission fluid changed periodically, and some need to be flushed out as part of regular maintenance. However, some models – and you can bet our guys know which ones – should not be flushed, as that process can actually damage the transmission. The goal with transmission fluid service is to maintain efficiency and to prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

Jamie’s Transmission has everything you need for transmission service, just call us at (360)568-0220 if you are noticing that your transmission is slipping, you see droplets of red fluid beneath your vehicle, or if you notice a burned sugar odor about your vehicle. We can take care of routine transmission service processes, and we can also take care of more extensive repairs or even replacement if that is what is needed to keep your favorite vehicle on the road. We love transmissions, and we are glad to help you take good care of yours.


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