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Ford 4R100 Transmission Service & Sales

With the cost of transmission repairs rising exponentially, it becomes hard to find servicing units that provide quality service. We, at Jamie’s Transmission understand the value of the vehicle transmission parts and how badly it can affect the customer in the long run. Thus, we have committed ourselves to provide quality service with the help of an experienced workforce that understands all the ins and outs of the Ford 4R100 transmission sales & service.

The Ford 4R100 transmission is designed to handle up to 450 HP without any major issues. This allows it to withstand even the rigors of the largest trucks and vans. The transmission is ideal for vehicles with engines that produce up to 450HP without a nitrous system and using gasoline. This monster can be used for any type of mega towing use up to 5500lbs. Most of the units allow the user to shift the vehicles manually with each gear change, as it is accompanied with an automatic or manual valve body depending on the type of vehicle.

We, at Jamie’s transmission perfectly understand the pressures that the customer’s vehicle and its transmission must have experienced and the resulting damage from it. Thus, we make sure that all transmission parts are thoroughly checked to ensure their quality before they are fit again.

  • Experienced and professional service & repair
  • Affordable installation services
  • We sell clutches and converters also.
  • Call us to order the Ford 4R100 Transmission Today!

Call our shop for a quote today. Pricing will vary depending on the transmission and any options that are selected.

If you are looking to purchase the Ford 4R100 Transmission, or have one serviced or installed, we are the right team for the job. We offer fair pricing on all of our transmission components and quality service. To learn more about Ford 4R100 transmission sales & service, contact Jamie’s Transmission at (888)942-0220.

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