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No matter which type of vehicle you own, or how well built you feel it is, the longer you drive it and put more and more miles on it, the transmission will sooner or later fail. There are several signs to watch out for and have it looked at before it gets worse or you may need to completely remove it and get a new one or a transmission rebuild.

At Jamie’s Transmission, we understand that transmission repair service can be expensive, but we promise and give you our word that we will not nickel and dime you. We will provide professional, prompt service on automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and for every make and model on the road today.

There are certain things to watch for as your vehicle ages and if you notice some of these signs, get a free quote today from Jamie’s Transmission.  Do not hesitate because we know how important your vehicle is in your life, and will do everything in our power to get you back on the road affordably, efficiently and quickly.

Drips and Leaking Transmission Lines

If you have noticed a reddish type of liquid under your vehicle in parking lots and driveways, then you most likely have a transmission and or lines are leaking. Check the fluid immediately and if it is low, top it off and get it into Jamie’s as soon as possible. Replacing transmission lines and finding leaks and repairing them are less costly than a transmission rebuild or swap out.

Shifting Gears

If your car or truck is experiencing shifting problems, then check your fluid first. If that is fine, then it is most likely the transmission itself that is causing the issue. If an automatic transmission is experiencing hesitation, shaking or shifting between gears for no reason, then you potentially need transmission repair service? If your manual transmission is falling out of gear, grinding when shifting or jerking between gears, then get it to Jamie’s Transmission where we will get you back on the road in no time.

Noises and Odor

If you smell a burning smell when exiting the vehicle, it is most likely overheated gears from lack of the transmission fluid lubricating them. Even if you have not seen any transmission fluid on the ground, most likely the transmission is having trouble.

When you are hearing clunking, whining or buzzing or loud when just in neutral you should have your transmission repair service professionals at Jamie’s take a look. Other things can cause these noises, but should not be ignored.

If you have any one of these issues, at Jamie’s Transmission, they are certified and highly skilled in all makes and models of vehicles on the road today. They will provide affordable quotes online or simply stop in and talk to a professional for all your manual transmission and automatic transmission repair service needs today.



"Jamie's Transmission gave me 5 star service, Excellent!"

Ron M.

"These guys are awesome and do high quality work. I highly recommend them! I am a small business owner and these guys are too and they take pride in their work and it shows. Again if you are looking for a place to get transmission work done look no further for you will not regret it."

Matt W.

"Great service at very reasonable rates! Highly recommended! They also found a problem with my differential and fixed it as well. Thank you!"

James M.

"I have always had very positive experiences at Jamie's Transmission. The staff is friendly and honest. I will definitely keep returning."

- Ryan E.

"Jamie's Transmission has worked on my F350 work truck every time I have had problems and routine maintenance. I have had excellent customer service with honest pricing every time I have dealt with them. They are very dependable."

Dave B.

"Always such a pleasure! Family atmosphere makes it easy to trust the crew. Honesty and timely work is a no-brainer at Jamies transmission. I will never bring my vehicles elsewhere! Thanks Jamie's."

Marcus R.

"Great customer service, very knowledgeable staff, and fast turn-around time. They have gained my business."

Jordan S.

"Outstanding workmanship! Thanks for fitting me in on short notice."

Lisa M.

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