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If You Have a Lake Stevens Transmission Leak Repair

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Automatic Transmission Service, Transmission Leak Repair, Transmission Service, Transmission Specialty Shop | 0 comments

If You Have a Lake Stevens Transmission Leak Repair, Jamie’s Transmission is the place to call. They are a family owned shop, with several family members working onsite. If you visit their website, you will see many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Repairing a transmission leak can prevent repairs that would cost more – such as having to rebuild or replace a transmission. It also helps keep your vehicle environmentally friendly. Transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid. Such substances are considered to be harmful to people, animals and plants. It is definitely worth your while to get those suspicious red drops that are leaking from your vehicle’s under carriage checked out before it becomes a puddle. There are a variety of potential caused for a transmission leak – hoses, seals or even a hole knocked in the metal of the transmission itself. However, those leaks are letting your transmissions lubricant out, creating a need for expensive refills or creating the potential for one of those heart-stopping moments when your vehicle refuses to go into the next gear. Jamie’s Transmission has the trained staff who can put your car or truck back into proper trim.

Don’t wait if you have a Lake Stevens Transmission Leak Repair. Give Jamie’s Transmission a call at (425)335-0220 today to get those red droplets taken care of before they become a stream. You’ll save wear and tear on your transmission and you will be able to congratulate yourself on being environmentally conscious by preventing your car from polluting the ground beneath it. When you take your vehicle to Jamie’s, you can count on great service and that they will give your vehicle careful attention. That’s a win-win situation on all counts.

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