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Transmission problems can be caused by a variety of issues, and it’s always best to have the concern diagnosed and repaired by a certified transmission service. While it can be tempting to let that friend-of-a-friend look at your vehicle, transmission issues often aren’t as simple as changing the oil or replacing spark plugs. In fact, the transmission can be one of the most complex parts of a vehicle, especially for a heavier vehicle or one designed for high performance. For transmission service in Mukilteo, Jamie’s Transmission should be the first choice!

For problems like transmission gears slipping, or in situations where the transmission refuses to go into gear, or where someone notice a transmission burning smell, the transmission absolutely must be evaluated by a professional, and the quicker it’s looked at, the better it is, and, likely, the less expensive, too.

These issues may seem small, but they can all be indications of a more severe problem, and should be taken care of fairly quickly, to avoid doing considerable damage to the car, or even someone else’s.

It’s better to catch a problem at the first sign of complications than to risk a major system failure while driving down the highway, which could lead to an accident.

All in all, if you’re experiencing transmission issues, you need transmission service that you can rely on. Rather than trusting your car to a friend-of-a-friend, pick a transmission service that understands the specific requirements that a specialized part like your transmission require.

We’re a family owned business that has been in Snohomish County since the 80s, and we have the specialized training that you want when transmission service is needed. As you can see, we’re the prime choice for you! For transmission service in Mukilteo, call Jamie’s Transmission at (888)942-0220 to schedule an appointment today.

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