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Changing out your dodge transmission fluid can be quite a process, one that many vehicle owner/operators might prefer to have done by professionals. It involves not only changing the oil, but also changing out filters and other small parts. This process means getting up underneath the vehicle, removing the oil pan off the transmission, changing out the parts and putting on a new seal. The seal then needs to set before the new transmission fluid is added. Changing out dodge diesel transmission fluid is a very similar process, as is changing out the Dodge Charger transmission fluid. This is why you need to consult professionals for Lynnwood Dodge transmission service & repair.

Checking and changing the transmission fluid on these automatic transmission vehicles leads to longer life for the transmission and better performance. When it comes to transmission care, this is a relatively inexpensive process. Transmission fluid cushions the various cogs and selectors that are the mechanism that shifts your transmission from one gear to the next. Over time, like the oil in the motor, it picks up little particles of metal from the mechanical operation of the cogs and selectors. If these are allowed to accumulate, they contribute to further wear and tear on the various parts. Eventually, this means poor shifting performance.

Jamie’s Transmission can take care of your Lynnwood Dodge transmission service & repair, just give us a call at (425)335-0220 to schedule your transmission fluid change. It is one of the least expensive transmission maintenance options, and it can greatly improve the life of your transmission. We are always happy to take care of the little maintenance chores that add up to preventing or delaying more expensive repair and maintenance events. Your Dodge will thank you with smooth gear shifts and longer transmission life.

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