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Jamie’s Transmission is ready to give your Big Truck its manual transmission service in Everett just in time for mudding. After being cooped up inside all winter, spring is a marvelous time to get out and take part in open air contests and races. Of course, truck owners will want those Monster Trucks to get their trannies checked out so that they are all ready to go out there and play in the mud.

Mudding isn’t the only reason to get a manual transmission serviced in the spring. Winter weather and the chemicals that are used to melt ice wreak havoc with the undercarriage of your vehicle. Icy salt water spraying up from wet or flooded pavements assaults hot metal or plastic, creating the perfect scenario for something to break. Then there was that time when the truck got stuck in a bank of wet snow, and you had to rock it back and forth, giving that shifter a thorough workout, going from first to reverse and back again – over and over. Winter can be really tough on even the most rugged vehicle, and it pays to get it checked out.

At Jamie’s Transmission we have a family interest in transmissions, and we are more than prepared to do a manual transmission service in Everett. In a time when many vehicles have new computer controllers, fancy multi-gear automatic shifters, and any manner of innovations, we understand the need that some drivers have to stick to the basics and to maintain their familiarly reliable manual transmission. Give us a call at (425)335-0220 to set up an appointment at our shop today.

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