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Marysville Transmission Repair

marysville-transmission-serviceJamie’s Transmission is on board with your Marysville transmission repair.  We are a family owned transmission specialty shop that has been in the area for more than twenty-five years – long enough for some of our best mechanics to grow up in the business.

Transmission repair is one way to keep the original transmission in your vehicle. This is more important for some models than for others, but it usually insures a better fit and function in your car or truck. Of course, each vehicle is a little bit different – even the ones that come off the same assembly line. Your vehicle might not be as unique as a child, but different things have happened to it during its years of operation, creating differences in the things that it will need. A transmission repair can sometimes be as simple as replacing worn seals, but often includes replacing worn or broken metal parts that prevent the transmission from shifting smoothly from gear to gear. Although a transmission is protected inside a case, it has an amazing number of small, moving parts that can become worn down in the course of ordinary operation. Repairs, of course, will include replacing the transmission fluid with clean, new fluid.

Jamie’s Transmission is on board with your Marysville transmission repair, just give us a call at (360)568-0220 to set up an appointment. We are always glad when we can refurbish a transmission, giving it many more years of service; we are especially glad to do that when the vehicle has special significance for the owner/operator. We know about those well-loved cars that are now becoming so difficult to replace; we’ll be glad to help you to keep your special ride on the road.

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