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Should You Replace or Rebuild Your Car’s Transmission?

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Automatic Transmission Service, Transmission Rebuild Service, Transmission Replace or Rebuild, Transmission Service | 0 comments

A problem with your car’s transmission seems inevitable, due to the fact that this component never stops working while you are driving. After a while, you will notice that the transmission does not function properly and you will need to get it fixed. And this is where the dilemma comes in: should you choose to replace or rebuild the transmission of your car?

Well, there are professionals who will argue and support both sides. However, which solution is the best for you and for your car?

Replace Your Car’s Transmission

When you select to replace your car’s transmission, you need to keep in mind that the new one you receive is not a brand new transmission. At best, it is a re-manufactured transmission that has been given to you by a retailer. There is nothing wrong with that, obviously. But it is worth pointing it out so that there is nothing vague about it.

Replacing the transmission of your car seems like the fastest way to go, but it is also the most expensive solution you can choose. The price rates are much higher for buying a new transmission than they are for repairing it.

Rebuild Your Car’s Transmission

If you choose transmission repair service, you must come up with a trustworthy and experienced professional for the job. Without him and his active contribution, the final outcome is not going to do you justice. So you ought to be meticulous when picking the right expert for the rebuilding process.

In this way, you can save money and still get high-quality services delivered to you right away. What is more, with the rebuilding option you can get newer parts added to your older transmission. This is of utmost importance, given the fact that manufacturers often update the car components after addressing problems with their functionality.

As for the transmission rebuild cost, this is definitely going to be lower than that of replacing the transmission. Nevertheless, you still need to check the quick quote and find out whether or not the repair service is the most suitable one for you. In order to do so, you ought to contact the professionals.

If you are looking for a quick quote for the transmission repair service and the transmission rebuild cost for your vehicle, you can fill in the form at Jamie’s Transmission Service and let us know about the special requirements of your car. We will in turn contact you really soon and offer you our best quote for the job so that you can stop worrying!

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