Importance of Transmission Leak Repair in Snohomish

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Jamie’s Transmission would like to emphasize the importance of transmission leak repair in Snohomish. Transmission fluid is essential to automatic transmissions, but it plays a role for some manual transmissions, as well.

Transmission fluid is a red, viscous fluid that is classified as a hydraulic fluid. Its purpose is to protect and lubricate the gears and selectors that are enclosed inside the transmission casing. In automatic transmissions, it also serves as a conductor for power directed from the motor. Not all manual transmissions use transmission fluid, but they do require lubricant to keep the moving parts operating correctly. If in doubt, consult the manual for your particular vehicle make and model. Transmissions are sealed, so additionally fluid should not be needed. If repeated fills become necessary, then you definitely have a leak. This can cause extra strain on your transmission, and can even cause it to fail, thus creating a need to rebuild or replace the transmission. In addition, hydraulic fluid is an environmental pollutant that can get into water supplies. Drinking, breathing or getting hydraulic fluid on skin is not advised. The affects are not completely known, other than some types can cause fluid to collect in lungs or even internal bleeding. Since the effects have not been completely explored, it is important to repair leaks quickly after being detected, and to dispose of used transmission fluid appropriately.

Jamie’s Transmission is prepared to take care of any transmission leak repair in Snohomish, and to appropriate deal with the used fluid. If you suspect a leak, give us a call at (360)568-0220 and let our transmission specialists get your transmission back into working condition.

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