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Jamie’s Transmission has your reliable transmission rebuild service in Marysville. A transmission rebuild can save money if your vehicle’s transmission is not working properly. Equally important, it can keep the original transmission – the one that was made for your vehicle – in your car or truck. This can be more important for some vehicles than for others.

A transmission rebuild requires removing your transmission from your vehicle. This entails detaching the motor and pulling it out and then extracting the transmission from underneath it. Inside the transmission – whether it is manual or automatic – are gears and gear selectors. Old-style gears are made of a series of cogs. The clutch mechanism selects the particular gear, whether it is done using a foot pedal and selector stick operated by the driver or whether it is done automatically in response to a combination of gas pedal pressure and wheel speed. Although the gears are lubricated or packed in transmission fluid, over time they develop wear. As they wear, tiny metal particles contaminate the lubricant. These can cause further wear on the metal parts. After a time, pieces can break or become so worn that they do not operate properly. A rebuild involves taking the transmission apart and cleaning all the parts as well as replacing those that are worn or broken. It also included replacing seals and similar parts. Then, the parts are all replaced in the vehicle, restoring it to function.

Jamie’s Transmission has your transmission rebuild service in Marysville. Just give us a call at (360)568-0220. We will diagnose your transmission problems and give you the information you need to make informed decisions about the correct repair for your vehicle. Rebuilds are usually less expensive than replacement, and are a way to preserve a favorite or unique vehicle.

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