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The words “transmission repair” frequently strike terror in the hearts of vehicle owners. Since this process often involves pulling the motor and taking the transmission apart, it can require a bit of labor; but in the long run, transmission repair can be much more cost effective than purchasing a new or used vehicle that could easily develop the same problems as your old one. Furthermore, if you have your transmission repaired at Jamie’s Transmission, you will know that the work was done correctly – we take pride in our craftsmanship. We’ve been doing auto repair in Lynnwood for more than twenty-five years, and we hope to be here for another generation or so.

Repairing a transmission is often a better choice than replacing it if your vehicle is having transmission problems – especially if it is a simple matter of replacing a broken or worn part. The repair might be part of a transmission rebuild, which puts your trannie back into excellent condition and has the advantage of keeping the original transmission in your vehicle. This is more important for some models than for others, but it is frequently a better choice than replacing it. However, if the transmission proves to be beyond repair, we will immediately notify the vehicle owner so that a decision can be made. Sometimes, it is possible to find transmissions for sale at vehicle recycling establishments (otherwise known as “junk yards”). A used transmission that is in good condition can sometimes be the answer to affecting an economical repair; or a solution for a vehicle model that is no longer being manufactured. If all else fails, there is the option of doing some retooling so that a transmission from an earlier or later model will serve. While far from ideal, it can get your favorite car or truck back on the road.

If you need transmission repair in Lynnwood, call Jamie’s Transmission at (425)335-0220. We’ll make a fair and accurate estimate of the costs, and we will keep you in the know should anything unexpected occur in the repair process.

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