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Jamie’s Transmission does auto tune ups in Lynnwood. Yes, we are a transmission specialty shop, but for our customer’s convenience we do other maintenance and repairs, as well. A tune up can include transmission maintenance – it is an excellent time to check the transmission fluid and to consider how well the clutching mechanisms are working. There is even a transmission filter that needs to be periodically replaced.

Of course, when we do tune ups, we do all of the regular tune up activities, as well. That includes changing the oil, changing the oil filter, the fuel filter and the air filter on the carburetor. We also do points, plugs and wires if there is a need for them. After all, a transmission is an important part of a vehicle, but it is only one, very large, part. If the other parts are not working correctly, then the transmission isn’t going to work well either. For example, the catalytic converter, which was originally developed to improve air quality by cutting down on emissions, is part of the drive train and it directly influences vehicle mileage and power. The big parts are important, but very small parts can affect automotive efficiency or even bring the whole machine to a complete halt. A DIY shade tree mechanic discovered the truth of this when a spark plug that was not securely screwed in flew out of the engine while it was in motion. Talk about a show stopper! Which is not to say that all DIY mechanics do a poor job, but it was a salutatory lesson for a first-time home tune-up.

Modern vehicles have become so complicated that vehicle owners are usually money ahead to bring their car or truck to us for quick, efficient and competent tune-ups. Just call Jamie’s Transmission at (425)335-0220 for economical, quality auto tune ups in Lynnwood. We have the equipment, the expertise and we are dedicated to excellent auto repairs of all sorts.

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