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Transmission Leak Repair in Snohomish

Jamie's Transmission Service SnohomishJamie’s Transmission can help with your transmission leak repair in Snohomish. Transmission leak repair is not only a way to keep your vehicle running properly, it is a public service.

Transmission fluid is a red liquid that is technically hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid is a toxic substance, and can be an environmental hazard. Spilled on a street or driveway, it can wash into waterways and find its way into drinking water supplies. This is bad news for both humans and for all other living things that require water – which is just about everything. Transmission fluid is important to many types of transmission, particularly to automatic transmissions. It lubricates moving parts, and protects them from wear. Many transmissions are a sealed system, requiring little attention; others need periodic attention – refilling, and sometimes flushed. Occasionally, the seals on a transmission will become aged and brittle. When this happens, or when similar part wear, leaks can occur. As previously noted, this is bad news both for the vehicle and for the environment, making transmission leak repair a good idea. It is a way that you can make a difference for yourself and for your world, without going to a great deal of trouble.

Jamie’s Transmission can help with your transmission leak repair in Snohomish; just give us a call at (360)568-0220, and we’ll take care of that leak. Transmission leaks are usually one of the easier repairs that your transmission can require, since they usually involve those consumable parts, such as the seals. Of course, there are exceptions – so we won’t make any hard, fast promises, other than to say that we will do our best to get your transmission back into good working order and to make sure that your vehicle isn’t an environmental hazard.

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