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Transmission Rebuild Service in Mill Creek

by | Oct 3, 2016 | blog, Transmission Rebuild Service | 0 comments

transmission-rebuild-service-in-mill-creekJamie’s Transmission is the place to get transmission rebuild service. We are a family owned shop and one of our best rebuilder’s has grown up in the shop – working his way up from sweeping the shop after school.

Rebuilding transmissions requires skill and knowledge. Not all transmissions are created equal, so to speak. First off, they come in manual and automatic. Manual transmissions can have from three speeds up to five. Newer automatic transmissions have a variety of designs, including one that looks like a Mobius strip, and that requires a computer to help shift the gears. Of course, the owner/operator will never see that part. He or she will only see the shifter inside the vehicle. In fact, the transmission probably won’t even be noticed by drivers who have automatic transmissions – unless it stops functioning correctly. Drivers who prefer manual shifting transmissions are likely to be more aware of their transmission and the way it functions. A transmission rebuild is an excellent way to keep the original transmission in a vehicle, since it involves replacing gears and seals that can become worn over time. Some types of vehicles simply function better if they have the original transmission.

If you need a transmission rebuild, call Jamie’s transmission at (360)568-0220. We will be happy to give you our best estimate of the costs for rebuilding a transmission for your make and model of vehicle. We also promise to give it our best work, and we will let you know right away if the rebuild process reveals anything unusual. We understand transmissions, you might say it is part of our name. Honesty and hard work is part of our business ethic, so you can be sure of receiving your money’s worth.

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