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Transmission Repair Service Cost Guide

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Transmission Rebuild Cost, Transmission Service | 0 comments

Transmission Repair Service Cost Guide

In a car, there is nothing more complex than the transmission. In both automatic and manual cars, the transmission allows for dynamic changes in the ratio of speed and torque. Due to their function, constant use, and complexity, a transmission deals with wear and tear every time you drive the car. Without the proper servicing, you could need to use a Transmission repair service to fix your car. A transmission rebuild cost can be expensive, depending on your car.

Transmission Rebuild Costs and Repair Costs

Automatic transmission repairs and manual transmission repairs are two of the most expensive repairs that a vehicle can need. The cost depends on the car and the work that needs to be done. You can save some money by using used or salvaged parts. The cost of the repairs can range from $800 to $3500, without the cost of labor. The amount of time that a transmission will need ranges from 4 to 9 hours on average.

Factors That Affect the Transmission Rebuild Cost

The transmission rebuild cost varies due to a number of different reasons. The major factors are what type of repairs is being done, and the extent of the transmission repairs. The more work that the transmission needs, the more expensive the repair bill will be.

The cost will also depend on the car’s model and make. Most times, standard and domestic models are less expensive to repair than the imported or high-end vehicles. Older and rarer cars have a higher cost, mainly because parts are harder to find.

The type of transmission your car has also affects the price. On average, the cost of manual transmission repairs is less than automatic transmission repairs.

If you want to know more about the transmission rebuild cost for your car, you can use our Quick Quote Form to find out. You can visit the page here:

Know When Transmission Repair Service Done On Your Car

There are many symptoms of a worn or damaged transmission to look for. For most problems with a transmission, changing the fluid regularly will help. In some models, just one mechanical failure will cause the engine to shut down and disable it until it is fixed. This means you have to watch for any signs of damage to the transmission.

One of the main signs that your transmission needs a transmission repair service is the transmission slipping between gears. Also, a delay in gear changing is a sign of your transmission being damaged. If your transmission does start to fail or fails completely, you will be advised to replace, rebuild or make small repairs to fix the problem, which will make your car safe to drive again.

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