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Transmission Repair – Unpleasant but Necessary

Jamie's Transmission ServiceThere are quite a few things that could go wrong with your vehicle but when your transmission breaks down this is a sure sign for immediate repairs. You can’t drive without a properly functioning gear box – it’s as simple as that as you won’t be able to shift between your gears thus endangering yourself and everyone in the vehicle. However, there are quite a few things that need to be taken into account so let’s get to it.

Automatic Transmission Repairs

 An automatic transmission is one which wouldn’t require you to manually shift between gears. The car is going to detect the most appropriate time to get the shift changed, and it’s going to do so on its own, hence relieving you from the obligation to handle it on your own. There is a lot of merit to using an automatic transmission, and quite a lot of people prefer it because it allows them to stay focused on driving without having to pay attention to the shifting.

Manual Transmission Repair

On the other hand, we’ve got manual transmissions which are designated to function under your command. You would have to press the coupler and shift the gear manually in order for the vehicle to behave properly. These are simpler gear boxes, and they are also quite commonly used, especially outside of the USA as they are cheaper.

However, when it comes to the transmission repair service and its cost, it’s impossible to determine it upfront without a cross-examination first. It’s safe to say that generally, a repair of your automatic transmission is going to be more expensive because there are more electronics involved. However, a manual transmission repair is also capable of being quite expensive, especially if the damage is considerable.

Choose Jamie’s Transmissions

A family-owned business, Jamie’s Transmissions has been in the field for over 29 years. The shop as it is right now is functioning ever since 1988 which is quite remarkable. The company lays a lot of attention on personalized customer service. We take our time to listen to our customers and their worries before we put everything to the test. This allows us to focus on the problems they are concerned with.

If you are wondering about how much the transmission repair would cost you, we have a comprehensive quote-form that you can fill out in a matter of minutes. This is going to help you get an estimation of the total cost, and you can quickly decide whether you can spare the money or not.

"Jamie's Transmission gave me 5 star service, Excellent!"

Ron M.

"These guys are awesome and do high quality work. I highly recommend them! I am a small business owner and these guys are too and they take pride in their work and it shows. Again if you are looking for a place to get transmission work done look no further for you will not regret it."

Matt W.

"Great service at very reasonable rates! Highly recommended! They also found a problem with my differential and fixed it as well. Thank you!"

James M.

"I have always had very positive experiences at Jamie's Transmission. The staff is friendly and honest. I will definitely keep returning."

- Ryan E.

"Jamie's Transmission has worked on my F350 work truck every time I have had problems and routine maintenance. I have had excellent customer service with honest pricing every time I have dealt with them. They are very dependable."

Dave B.

"Always such a pleasure! Family atmosphere makes it easy to trust the crew. Honesty and timely work is a no-brainer at Jamies transmission. I will never bring my vehicles elsewhere! Thanks Jamie's."

Marcus R.

"Great customer service, very knowledgeable staff, and fast turn-around time. They have gained my business."

Jordan S.

"Outstanding workmanship! Thanks for fitting me in on short notice."

Lisa M.

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