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transmission-serviceJamie’s Transmission is the place for transmission service. We have not only have the well-trained staff, but some of our mechanics are family members who have grown up right here in our family business. We’ve been in the community for more than twenty-five years, so you know we’ll be here a while.

Transmission service might not be something that you think about often, but most transmissions do need maintenance attention. A few units are sealed compartments which do not require service unless they develop a leak. However, most transmissions do need service. Automatic transmission use transmission fluid which can become gritty after a few years’ service just as does motor oil after miles of travel. Manual transmissions, particularly the older ones, might not use transmission fluid, but they still need lubrication. All transmissions have moving parts that, over time, can become worn and might need replaced or repaired. They also have seals at the points where they connect with the motor as well as points at which they transfer the motor’s power to the wheels. All of these things have the potential for becoming worn and needing maintenance or even replacement. Mechanical things can be made to last a long time with the proper service regimen. Transmission service should happen about once every three years in most vehicle models. If they are driven through difficult terrain or frequently driven in bad weather, they might require more maintenance.

Jamie’s Transmission is the place for transmission service in Snohomish County, just call (360) 568-0220 to make an appointment today or click here for a Quick Quote. Your transmission will thank you for it. Even the best mechanical items require regular maintenance for top performance. We’d like the chance to help your transmission to be able to do its very best all year round.

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