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Visit Our Specialty Transmission Shop in Marysville

Transmissions play a crucial mechanical role in cars, trucks and SUV’s alike, and assist vehicles to shift gears smoothly and securely. As any vehicle relies largely on this component, regular inspection and maintenance should be completed by professionals only on a regular basis. As transmissions can be extremely complex, and expensive to replace should something go wrong, a Specialty transmission shop in Marysville can provide professional inspection as needed to ensure your vehicle continues to run properly all year round.

When facing an issue with your transmission, it is best to get the vehicle checked immediately in order to avoid worsening the transmission’s condition and increasing the repair amount.

Skilled mechanics have shared some valid information regarding detection of transmission troubling factors which calls for an urgent repair:

  • Transmission burning smell is a clear sign of damaged transmission
  • Any sort of roughness while driving or some noise is an indication of transmission fault. This can be noticed when the vehicle shifts gears, that can be either when the car is being parked, or is in neutral, reverse or in to drive. During all such action, the gears turn and rotate inside the car. When the transmission is in running condition the rotation is soundless and smooth, but when the transmission’s condition should be inspected, the rotation is noisy and coarse.

Jamie’s Transmission Service offers the most talented and experienced mechanics at our Specialty Transmission Shop in Marysville. Our specialists are highly skilled at detecting and correcting all transmission errors quickly and affordably. Contact us today at (425) 335-0220 to schedule your service or inspection appointment.

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